Why Buy Your Own Hospital Gown?

1. Because you want to feel good about how you look and avoid the laughs when walking around the hosital.

2. You are planning to have a baby - first photos with baby are a lifelong memory.

3. You don't want to wear a second hand gown someone else has died in, vomited on, bled on etc.

4. Everyone goes to hospital and when we do, we don't have much time to prepare. Its like buying pyjamas, you do this in the day because you know you need them later that night.

5. You want to wear a really comfortable gown that feels soft against your skin.

6. You find it difficult to put on a regular pajamas, as you may not be able to put your hands above your head.

7. You are planning a surgery, and even though it is only overnight you prefer to wear your own bed clothes.

8. Palliative care - your final days should be spent with as much dignity and comfort as possible.

Quality Fabric

Our gowns are made from 100% cotton sateen and feel luxurious and soft against your skin. The only equivalent fabric in the market come from designer pyjama retailers. Our fabrics are a prime difference from our competitors.

Snap lock fasteners

No 'strings attached' with snap lock fasteners. Made from durable plastic providing sturdy, safe and very quick and easy to use = no fiddling with buttons, no harsh Velcro edges, no ties that hide or get caught where they really shouldn’t!!

Full Back Coverage and Easy Access

Three buttons on the front of the gowns also help make breast feeding simpler. They also provide quick access in an emergency for patient cardiac monitoring. There are snap lock fasteners on both shoulders and on both sides. The snap lock fasteners are made from durable plastic. They're sturdy, safe and very quick and easy to use – no fiddling with buttons, harsh Velcro edges or ties that hide or get caught where they shouldn't.

The 'double back' ensures modesty, yet can be left open if the patient is in bed.

Shoulder Release

The gowns provide shoulder release for easy dressing with no need to re-thread intravenous drips. The shoulder release also provides easy access for medical observations or breast feeding.


The gowns are designed with two side pockets to carry personal items.

Gift Bags

Instead of sending flowers to your friends or family whilst in hospital, give them a more thoughtful gift - a Gorgeous Hospital Gown. Each gown comes gift wrapped in a bag made from the same quality fabric and has a gift tag attached. We'll fill in the To/From details for you so we can send it directly to the hospital. Our customer feedback suggests our gowns have been very much appreciated gifts as they can be used more practically than flowers or balloons and are so unique.