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Creative Director and co-founder Annie Allica talks about establishing Gorgeous Hospital Gowns to help patients retain their dignity and modesty during a stay in hospital.



Gorgeous Hospital Gowns (ABN 93 628 610 684) is the passion of Annie Allica. Annie is a retired Naval Officer and has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years, working in a variety of clinical settings in different roles across Australia.

Annie describes how her idea for creating Gorgeous Hospital Gowns was born during her time at Brisbane's Mater Private Hospital while helping a patient dress. “The patient was feeling quite unwell and preferred to be put into a gown provided by the hospital rather than her own pyjamas. She was simply too exhausted to cope with the effort of having to manoeuvre into pyjamas, unhook her intravenous drip, reconnect her cardiac monitor etc. If you've ever been in that situation you know how it feels.” Annie thought how wonderful it would be if someone created a range of “gorgeous” hospital gowns – so she did!

Annie's plan was to make a hospital gown that would be comfortable and safe for the patient, easy to put on and practical for use by medical staff and/or carers. She's created gowns that provide simple access for medical devices while protecting modesty and dignity and lifting patient's spirits. And they're gorgeous!

Our gowns have been used in hospitals across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Singapore and many others. It is perfectly ok for you to bring your own gown to hospital with you, for any purpose including surgery. Hospital staff are always very impressed with the Gorgeous Hospital Gowns and rave that they need to become the new ‘normal’ for all hospitals. At $60AUD (approx $44USD) inclusive of shipping they are significantly cheaper than designer pyjamas but designed and manufactured to the same quality.

What are you waiting for - you won't regret owning your own Gorgeous Hospital Gown and once you do you won't ever have to wear a used, open back hospital gown again.

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