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Palliative Care

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Here at Gorgeous Hospital Gowns we have recently had an increase in  orders for and calls about palliative care. This is something we don't like talking about here in Australia and something that doesn't sit well with me from a marketing perspective...I'm at a loss for words, which for those who know me, is a very odd feeling.How do I get news out there that our gowns are perfect for palliative care without feeling like I'm profiting from those in such an acute vulnerable position, I know that when I send the gowns to hospices I truly feel honoured to be helping someone at that stage in life, and send them off with a special wish.........its been a dreary day here in Canberra and the sun is just setting, just feeling a little melancholy but if anyone has any ideas or thoughts I would love to hear them .

Also a massive thank you to all those working in palliative care, I know in my nursing career I only did a little palliative care , and saying it takes a "special "person to work in this area does not do you all enough credit .

For more info on palliative care here in Australia visit www.palliativecare.org.au

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